Week 2: A Four Week Plan for a Christmas Worth Savoring

So why do we need a Christmas worth savoring, anyway?

Because it all just seems to go way too fast?


But also because it would be a shame if we got caught up in all the hustle and bustle of doing and shopping and running here and there like crazy people. What if in all our scurrying, we forgot to spend time reflecting on God’s kindness for sending such a gift to this broken world.

The gift of Jesus. The greatest gift of all – given by God for us – to repair your brokeness and mine and to lead us back to the heart of God.

Today is Week 2 of my Four Week Plan for a Christmas Worth Savoring.

Welcome back friends! I’m so honored and happy to share this journey with you.

Last week I shared on how to create a meaning way to prepare ourselves for a Christmas Worth Savoring.

A Christmas worth savoring means learning to:

This week, I’d like to invite you to focus on the word meditationwith me.

Not the word, but the practice.

One reason I wrote this series is because I just couldn’t seem to get that word out off my mind.


The word alone invites us into something special. Something unique. Something personal. Something experiential.

Images of a delicious cup of hot cup of coffee on a chilly winter morning comes to mind…or a rich piece of dark chocolate on the palette after a great meal.

But even better, I propose, is the image of that feeling you get when you hold a newborn infant.

That small sweet-smelling bundle of love you embrace – a precious gift.

In your mind – you know the time will go by so fast.

So, you hold on tightly to the moment and savorthe time you have.

With all senses employed…you try to make time slow down to savor those tender loving moments you have …that new baby smell, their soft skin against your cheek, the sound of gentle breaths, and being captivated as you cradle them in your arms and look upon their smallness.

A miracle – every part of them from head to toe.

And in your moments of savoring the gift as you wonder who they will one day become, what if you forgot to consider the Giver of the gift?

As a flight attendant, I am continually in awe of the view from 35,000 feet.

Me in my smallness rising above the clouds to view life from a totally different perspective.

It’s astounding at times.

But it also serves as a constant reminder of the God who created all things and is in control of all things.

I don’t ever want to forget that! But truth be told…sometimes I do. 

And this year, I don’t want my focus to be so fixed on preparing for December 25th that I miss out preparing my heart and meditating on this Jesus I claim to know and love and adore.

I want to see him in the ordinary, mundane business of life.

7 words for the next 7 days

I’m not going to give you a list of verses to look up or provide you with a way of studying each word. I simply want to invite you to join me in spending time thinking about each word however and whenever you choose. It may be in the car while you run errands or visit a family member or neighbor. It may be waiting in line at the grocery store. You may choose to look up each word in the dictionary or a Bible concordance or google each word.

It doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you choose to deliberately slow yourself down enough to consider who God is and what he has done on your behalf.

I believe that having this kind of deliberate mindset will help us savor Jesus and allow us to experience a more meaningful Christmas season with our family and friends.

I’d like to invite you to print these word images in this post or simply write each word on an index card and keep it near you throughout your day. You can even screen shot the images to replace your current screen-saver wallpaper on your cell phone.  For the next seven days, every time you open your phone to send a text or make a phone call, who can take a few minute to mediate on what that word means to you – or consider new ways the Spirit of God will reveal more of himself to you.

I chose these words because they are words that I want to spend time reflecting on this year. You can choose to use these words or come up with your own seven words. What’s most important is that we slow ourselves enough to consider the goodness of God and savor the gift of his Son.

For a more comprehensive list, I suggest using a site like this one. There’s a word for every letter in the alphabet. I’m just highlighting A-G to keep it simple this week.

All seven words are action verbs that beckon participation.

As you take time each day to consider where you are in life as – a mid-lifer in transition – an empty nester – an almost-empty-nester – or somewhere in-between, can I just remind you of this one thing?

Your life matters!

And your next chapter matters too, friend.

But most importantly, your life with God matters. It matters so much that he actually left heaven to show him who he is. He came in the form of a baby – a manger – through impossible means by our standards.

But we know that….

Everything is possible because he is God.

And he is good.

And he is worthy of savoring and worshipping and glorifying.

Let’s not let the gifts, the trees, the shopping and all the Christmas preparations distract us from what matters most and who matters most. Without Jesus, this would all be so utterly meaningless and a huge waste of time and money and energy.

But because of Jesus we can celebrate with hands lifted high…and sing with the angels…

”Glory to God in the highest and on earth – peace and goodwill toward man.”

So may this week be a week of slowing and savoring and mediating on who he is in all his glory. And may you be filled with his love and peace and joy as you go about all your preparing.

Next week we’ll consider the incarnational aspect of the Christmas season – Jesus who became flesh and dwelt among us.

I look forward to seeing you back here next week.

Until then – let’s mediate together on this Jesus and all he has done for us.


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