Blank Slates and 10 Ways to Begin YOUR 2018

There’s just something about a blank slate chalk board. Imagery of my early days in elementary school comes to mind and that giant, green, wood-framed chalk board that expanded the full length of an entire wall. The teacher's desk was usually situated right in front of the massive chalk board wall. Other than the date … Continue reading Blank Slates and 10 Ways to Begin YOUR 2018

Week 2: A Four Week Plan for a Christmas Worth Savoring

So why do we need a Christmas worth savoring, anyway? Because it all just seems to go way too fast? Yes... But also because it would be a shame if we got caught up in all the hustle and bustle of doing and shopping and running here and there like crazy people. What if in all our … Continue reading Week 2: A Four Week Plan for a Christmas Worth Savoring

When Empty Nest Leaves You Wondering – Practice These 3 Things

"Wonder" begets "Wonder-ing"This past week, I had a long layover in Buffalo, New York. I failed to experience real, authentic Buffalo chicken wings, however, I was able to take in something even more memorable...Niagara Falls. My crew and I left our uniforms behind and decided to take advantage of the beautiful fall weather and spend … Continue reading When Empty Nest Leaves You Wondering – Practice These 3 Things

3 Things to Pack for the Journey Through Transition

When faced with a major life transition, how will you navigate your soul? Career changes; Role changes (getting married, becoming a parent, becoming an empty nesters); and Unexpected Life changes (being diagnosed with a major illness, losing a loved one, divorce, caring for a child or parent)... these common life events can often make the average Jane and Joe feel … Continue reading 3 Things to Pack for the Journey Through Transition

Rethinking Priorities Within

When the New Year rolled around a few weeks ago, I admit... I was not very eager to create a list of self-made promises and good intentions. Other than coming up with my ONE WORD for this year (ABIDE), I have carried on as usual with my 'not-so-very-ordinary-life'. Until yesterday, that is. Oh sure, I (like … Continue reading Rethinking Priorities Within

Life-Transitions and All Things New

Has your life-journey, like mine, been accentuated by a series of major life-transitions? If so, how are you doing navigating your way through the ups and downs, the highs and lows, the ebbs and flows that go hand-in-hand with the winds of change? With almost 34 years of marriage behind me, and more than a few … Continue reading Life-Transitions and All Things New

The Mother Within

The mother within me is full of gratitude and joy today! Can you tell? This past weekend, and yesterday in particular, was a wonderful time filled with 'motherly' and 'grandmotherly' activity, celebrating the amazing gift of motherhood (whether in person or by Skype or phone) with my eight adult kids and their sweet families. LtoR: … Continue reading The Mother Within

Transformation Within

So...I'm realizing in my early 50's that throughout my entire life, I have been someone who thrives on trans-form-ation. Call me a hopeless romantic, a visionary, an INFP, an Idealist, or whatever, I tend to see things, organizations, and individuals not as they are, but "what they can become." At various stages of my life … Continue reading Transformation Within

Confessions of: A Writer in Transition

'Offer' - my 'one-word' for 2012 offer |ˈôfər, ˈäfər| verb: to present (something) for (someone) noun: an expression of readiness to do or give something Although I have made numerous attempts this past month to 'offer' meaningful words of encouragement to this, my on-line community, I must confess... I have allowed my writing life to … Continue reading Confessions of: A Writer in Transition