My Story

TMB_3617I’ve been married to my life-long partner and best friend, Frank since we were 19 and 20 years old. We are parents to eight amazing adults kids; eight incredible in-law kids; and grandparents to sixteen amazing little people.

Frank and I were two strangers whose lives were brought together through a blind date in 1979. Who knew that an evening of put-put would lead to over 38 years of marriage and a life story that only God could write.

As a child, I was continually aroused by the arts and at an early age developed a love for color, music, acting, writing, leadership, and interior and fashion design. I wanted to do it all! At age ten I made my first dress and enthusiastically developed my sewing skills throughout my teen years. My career plan was certain after high school. I would to head to NYC and begin a professional career in fashion design.

That was MY plan…but nothing would compare                                                                                           with the creative plan God was working out on my behalf!

At the tender age of 17 (1977) I found myself devastated and broken. My future hopes and dreams quickly began to unravel due to some bad choices I made. I found myself tangled up in a web of hopelessness that I could not get myself out of. And by the end of my junior year in high school, I found myself trapped in an extremely unhealthy relationship; a relationship that eventually ended after I discovered I was pregnant.

But that was just the beginning of my story…

The real story is about the Lover of my soul, Jesus, who rescued me from the folly of my ways – and gave me a life that I could never in my wildest dreams could have imagined. 

It is my hope and aim for this blog to reflect up the way God has used my messy life story – the good the bad and the ugly – for purposes much bigger than I could have ever imagined in my little 17-year-old heart. It’s a journey in which I hope to share the manner in which God has, and continues to work mightily ‘WITHIN’ me.

May the words that I share encourage you to press into the heart of God who loves you so deeply!

Thanks for journeying with me!


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