My Family

My BLC (Big, Loud, Crazy) Family. 

Yep…there are a bunch of us – and my life is more than blessed because of them.  I have five sons and three daughter.  Add to that, eight sons/daughter-in-laws and 14 grand-babes.


Seven of eight above. Our oldest military son below.




Image 5

Family Motto: “We’re loud. We’re Proud. Get used it!”  (a spontaneous declaration years ago while exiting a Chinese restaurant. They still say it.)

Family Inside Stuff: They reenact movie scenes obsessively.  They eat A LOT of pasta and meatballs.  They have dance moves I’ve never seen before. They are all football (sports fan) freaks (fathers’ genes not mine).

But individually and collectively they are a demonstration of God’s grace (and humor) and they continue to amaze me with their talents, their love for God, and their desire to make a difference in the lives of others.

They are God’s gift of grace to me. And they are truly – my pride and my joy!

Oldest to youngest, they are:

Todd (1977) is married to his wife, Amber. He has served our country in the US Navy since 2006 and is currently stationed in Bremerton, WA. His two boys Payton (14) and Connor (12) live in Ft. Worth, TX. He is also dad to teenage step-daughter, Olivia (18). We just wish they didn’t live so far away!

Grace (1980) is married to Adam Jackson.  They met leading Young Life while completing their undergrad degrees at The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH.  They got married in June of 2006 and have three beautiful daughters, Sophia (7), Rosie (5), son Vincent (2), and Margot (born Dec 2016).  They reside in the Cleveland area.


Carrie (1982) married Jason Sciano in 2008. They have a little guy named Dominic (5) and a daughter, Gianna (4).  Carrie graduated from Baldwin Wallace College and works for a Cleveland area construction firm.  Jason is a carpenter by trade and works as a construction supervisor at the Cleveland Clinic. They also reside in the Cleveland area.

Jake (1983) is married to his high school sweetheart, Kate (Zemba).  Jake graduated from The Ohio State University and Kate received her undergrad degree from John Carroll University and her MBA from Cleveland State University. They also live in the Cleveland area and both work full-time in their field of study.

Frank II (1986) is married to Erin (Conry). Frank is on full-time staff with Young Life as the Stark County/North Canton (OH) Area Director.  Erin is a Social Worker and earned her bachelors degree from Ohio University and her MA from The Ohio State University.  Erin works PT as a professional counselor. They are the proud parents of Frankie (5), Nora (3), Brooke (2), and Cameron (born Sept 2016).

Brad (Feb 1988) is married to Courtney (Moody). They met serving at a CIY camp property in Prescott, AZ. Brad is on full-time staff at Heights Church (Prescott, AZ) as the Lead Worship Pastor and Courtney coaches young gymnasts.

Hannah (March – 1990) is married to Matt Wyman.  She received her cosmetology education from The Paul Mitchell Academy and works in the Cleveland area in her field.  Matt obtained his undergrad degree from Cleveland State University and has returned to school to attain his teaching certification. They too make their home in the Cleveland area. They are the proud parents of JoJo (Josephine) and will be welcoming another little one in February 2017.

Sam (Sept – 1992) is a graduate of Baldwin Wallace College in Berea, OH. He is married to Catherine (King) from Greenville, SC. Catherine is on full-time staff at a church in Greenville, SC and Sam is a 5th grade teacher.


Here is a news article about our kids:




Image 9

Todd, Sam, Carrie, Frank, Hannah, Jake, Grace, Brad

Image 1

(left to right) Brad, Courtney, Frank, Erin, Jake, Kate, Todd, Amber, Matt, Hannah, Betsy, Frank, Grace, Sophia, Adam, Carrie, Jason, Sam
Sophia, Vincent, Payton, Dominic, Rosie, Betsy & Josi, Frank,
Nora & Brooke, Frankie, Connor, & Gianna

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