Transformation Within

So…I’m realizing in my early 50’s that throughout my entire life, I have been someone who thrives on


Call me a hopeless romantic, a visionary, an INFP, an Idealist, or whatever, I tend to see things, organizations, and individuals not as they are, but “what they can become.”

At various stages of my life I have dabbled in the world of fashion design, interior design, and organizational design. All have required an ability to see beyond the present to the future.

I am of the mindset that I had nothing to do with this bent of mine. The hard-wiring of my DNA, personality type, and innate disposition is the sovereign plan and unique design of my Creator.

The coming Easter season is but a sweet reminder of days of innocence…and wonder…and simple pleasures…

Like the pleasure I feel when I’m creating something new.

When I was 10 years old

I made my first dress. It was an Easter Dress.

(That’s me above in the dress but some of the picture is aged with stains – I don’t own Photoshop).

A neighborhood lady named Eileen (who became my first true role model) took a group of us to JoAnn Fabrics to pick out our pattern, fabric and notions. We went to work on that dress throughout the fall and winter in preparation for that Easter day when we would put our handiwork on display. I can still remember it like it was (not quite) yesterday. I didn’t see fabric, pattern pieces and a bunch of unrelated parts, I saw the whole! In my mind, it was already complete. I just had to make it a reality. With guidance, and training, and support, and encouragement, and time, and patience, and mistakes that needed to be corrected, I made my very first dress. It was the first time in my life that I really felt the feelings of exuberant satisfaction.

It truly was – the joy OF the journey!

The journey of learning. The journey of working toward a goal. The journey of fellowship with others (like me) on the same journey. And of course, the celebration we shared together on Easter Sunday. I cannot help but believe that in our child-like heart that did not fully understand the implications of the Easter celebration, God took pleasure in the simplicity of our joy-filled hearts that had experienced the satisfying pleasure of creating ‘something…from nothing’.

When I got married

my husband and I ended up purchasing a home that needed A LOT (understatement) of work. When I brought my parents over to see our humble abode, I was shocked and saddened that they did not “see” with the same eyes I saw. They were seeing with tired , realistic, eyes while I could only see a lovely home with a lot of potential that I was only eager to apply some TLC to and make it what I envisioned it to be. And…

When I accepted a vocational call

to develop a national mentoring program for teen moms, I saw what the ministry could become if just a few things were given greater focus. I got to pour my life, heart, and talents into this role for six years and see it transform before my eyes as together, God and I, laid the foundation of this ministry that continues to thrive today.

I now get to sit on the sidelines to pray and celebrate its growth and fruit of changed lives as I smile and give humble thanks to God for letting me be a part of it.

Transformation is indeed a beautiful thing!

And yet, while I see this as a pattern of my life, why do I often forget to see my own life this way? What I am learning is…that somewhere …deep down in the WITHIN part of me… I am moved by the events of human life that cause a

transformation of the human heart

to take place.

And I think to myself….

“Oh that I would pursue a transformed heart

the way I pursue other things in life!”

I only wish someone would have explained this to me with greater emphasis when I was a young Christian…

as if to say something like this:

“Betsy, I want you to always remember, no matter what life brings your way….that God is committed to making you like Jesus. This is HIS vision for YOU…that you would become conformed to the image of his Son…who has the kind of heart that trusts God COMPLETELY! Let him daily…make you new. If you do – he will enable you to walk rightly…honestly…kindly; to forgive and love others supernaturally; to give sacrificially; to serve joyfully, to live grace-fully, hope-fully, purpose-fully!”

It is indeed the ongoing work of the Spirit of God

to transform us.

Today, I pray that you will see your life through eyes of potential.

Or perhaps there may be someone in your life that you need to see with eyes of potential.

God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all we ask or image.

Perhaps where you are (as Dallas Willard says) is your ‘classroom’ to become like Jesus.

This week – why not take some time to learn more about the nature and character of God so that he can display more of his life through you.

May we look with thankful eyes of faith upon JESUS – who made our God-potential lives even possible.

This is indeed the way of God…to see us not for what we are – but what we are becoming!

How is God transforming you?

For me…it’s been my journey through a season of transition…a process of lots of change…(some painful…others joyful)…. a journey through areas of my life still in need of God’s grace…and healing…and forgiveness…that comes in the quieting of my soul.

Transformation often happens in the deep.

In the dark.

In the secret place of our lives.

It’s okay. God is there.

Even though you may not FEEL him near. He has spoken and cannot lie.

“I will never leave you or forsake you.”

Feel free to share your transformation story here. I’d love to hear from you.

Until the next time,

May we allow our God the freedom to transform our hearts – so that we

look and live

more like Jesus.


2 thoughts on “Transformation Within

  1. ladysheepdog says:

    Awesome, keep spreading this teaching.

    How awesome our Lord’s orchestration is. I will explain….

    I was listening to a video of a group of pastors discussing a topic, and doing the multi-tasking thing by having additional brower windows open. One of those windows was my twitter account. One of the people I follow through twitter tweeted a link to this post saying what an excellent post this is. I followed the link which opened up another browser window of course. I left it open to read after I was done listening to the video, which was almost over. Towards the end of that vid, something one of the pastors said made me think about exactly how we can see ourselves as the finished product, just like Jesus does. Like you said, ” I see the whole, in my mind, its already complete.”

    And low and behold I come and read this post. This is all so significant to me also because I, again multi-tasking – lol, have my notebook in front of me and am writing down ideas as they come to me, for a devotional/Bible study group I’m praying about & planning on doing here locally.

    Transformation, see ourselves as the finished product. – #10 on my list. 🙂


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