The Mother Within

The mother within me is full of gratitude and joy today! Can you tell? This past weekend, and yesterday in particular, was a wonderful time filled with 'motherly' and 'grandmotherly' activity, celebrating the amazing gift of motherhood (whether in person or by Skype or phone) with my eight adult kids and their sweet families. LtoR: … Continue reading The Mother Within

Transformation Within

So...I'm realizing in my early 50's that throughout my entire life, I have been someone who thrives on trans-form-ation. Call me a hopeless romantic, a visionary, an INFP, an Idealist, or whatever, I tend to see things, organizations, and individuals not as they are, but "what they can become." At various stages of my life … Continue reading Transformation Within

“24 Hour Grace” – Bank Slogan vs. Accessible Gift

Writing is always an adventure to me because I never really know where my words will end up, what they will communicate or who they will end up reaching and ultimately speak to. I usually write on Sunday and post on Monday but the weekend was packed with activities that prevented me from doing so. … Continue reading “24 Hour Grace” – Bank Slogan vs. Accessible Gift