When Your Big Plans for Monday – Get Moved to Tuesday…Do This:​

I've done it subconsciously, most of my life... I doodle arrows. On anything. On everything. Ever since I can remember, this has been a silly habit of mine. Yes, I was that child who could not sit still unless it was something that held my interest and attention. Creating was my outlet and I shied … Continue reading When Your Big Plans for Monday – Get Moved to Tuesday…Do This:​

Rethinking Priorities Within

When the New Year rolled around a few weeks ago, I admit... I was not very eager to create a list of self-made promises and good intentions. Other than coming up with my ONE WORD for this year (ABIDE), I have carried on as usual with my 'not-so-very-ordinary-life'. Until yesterday, that is. Oh sure, I (like … Continue reading Rethinking Priorities Within

Life-Transitions and All Things New

Has your life-journey, like mine, been accentuated by a series of major life-transitions? If so, how are you doing navigating your way through the ups and downs, the highs and lows, the ebbs and flows that go hand-in-hand with the winds of change? With almost 34 years of marriage behind me, and more than a few … Continue reading Life-Transitions and All Things New

The Mother Within

The mother within me is full of gratitude and joy today! Can you tell? This past weekend, and yesterday in particular, was a wonderful time filled with 'motherly' and 'grandmotherly' activity, celebrating the amazing gift of motherhood (whether in person or by Skype or phone) with my eight adult kids and their sweet families. LtoR: … Continue reading The Mother Within

The “Roar” Within

For the most part, I am known to be a civil, mild-mannered, warm and friendly, kind of person. However, on more than a few occasions, in order to defend those I love, the protective instincts WITHIN me have taken over in the form of a fierce and passionate "ROAR". I grew up with a father … Continue reading The “Roar” Within

Transformation Within

So...I'm realizing in my early 50's that throughout my entire life, I have been someone who thrives on trans-form-ation. Call me a hopeless romantic, a visionary, an INFP, an Idealist, or whatever, I tend to see things, organizations, and individuals not as they are, but "what they can become." At various stages of my life … Continue reading Transformation Within