What Bigger Story is Brewing Within You?

I love waking up to the smell of brewing coffee! It is one of life’s greatest gifts as far as I’m concerned. A good cup of coffee to me…is like…well….it’s like a good and faithful friend.

On any given morning, afternoon, or evening the smell of freshly brewed coffee makes my heart come alive! Its aromatic trails, without fail, can almost always find a way to my heart.

I enjoy the companionship that ‘joe’ and I share.

There was a time in my life when I used to love waking up at 5:00am – it was a matter of survival to get a few minutes of solitude with my Bible and my ‘joe’ before my day, as a mom of eight, began.

But at this season of life, I usually wake up anywhere from half an hour to an hour later than my husband. For the most part, he’s always been the morning person, and I, the night owl. And he, being fully aware of my love affair with ‘joe’ – now makes the morning brew, faithfully placing my favorite mug right next to our coffee pot for me – until coherency takes place and I make my way to the kitchen.

Not that you should care or anything, but I feel compelled to share that I am a sipper; not a gulper.

Also, I do not like my coffee cold; but piping hot. And depending on how the morning goes (based on the number of self-imposed interruptions) I typically make numerous trips to the microwave to bring my morning brew back to HOT status.

On any given day, (rumor has it) family members are not surprised to find ‘joe’, forgotten and left behind in the microwave – only to be rediscovered days later. But that’s just a rumor. That’s what THEY said (smile).


There is much to be said about the little nuances of life (which makes life all the more sweeter), like a good strong, full-bodied cup of coffee, however, the point of this blog, is to highlight something of far greater value and interest to me.

That something has to do with the bigger story that is ‘brewing’ within you and within me – the story that allows us to become our true authentic selves – and one that allows us to become a gift to others.


So what is it that’s been brewing within you freind?

What pleasant aromas do you have to offer those in your path (or not those not yet in your path)? In other words, WHAT HIDDEN TALENTS ARE LAYING DORMANT WITHIN YOU AND NEED TO COME OUT? And moreover, WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT IT?

Isn’t today a great day to begin a new journey of discovering more of the real you? The person that lies within you is the one that matters most!

Do yourself, and the world for that matter, a favor; take some time today to move closer to becoming who you were meant to be.

That area of interest that was so alive in you in the past? Go ahead and pay it a visit. Perhaps a date with you, yourself and ‘joe’ at a favorite coffee shop is just what you need in order to reflect, research, or re-discover some things you’ve (knowingly or unknowingly) held at bay.

I do know this…everyone has been given the opportunity to lead something and to make a difference in the lives of others. But we can’t lead others well until we lead ourselves well.

I am on that journey, too, and hope in the months and years ahead, we can take the journey together. I’m looking forward to it! And so you know, this blog, is part of me becoming more of who I am meant to be.


PS: I was the one who got up first today – and it was I who made the coffee. To my great disappointment, I confess, it was too weak; I drank it anyway. Note to self: Be grateful, but never settle for anything less than the best, unless you have to! I had a choice to ditch it and start all over again. I opted to settle.

A reminder to not settle for being a weak version of YOU.

Until the next time….


5 thoughts on “What Bigger Story is Brewing Within You?

  1. Ann Peebles Cunningham says:

    Love the blog! I am so like you about coffee…it has to be piping hot and I also reheat mine to keep it that way…I do have an insulated cup and that helps a lot 🙂

    You are such a special person…hope a little has rubbed off on me and I’ve got more brewing within than I think…:)


  2. Chris says:

    Betsy, Love your blog. I love a good hot cup of coffee also. Bill has been brewing it for me for years~I have to remember to tell him I appreciate it, because I often still have my eyes closed when he leaves for work and I’m stumbling towards the kitchen! I’m at the same place, trying to figure out where my talents lie and what the next chapter holds for me since the empty nest is setting in.


    • betsystretar says:

      Chris – thank you. When you get an inkling of what your next chapter entails, please let me know.
      You have many many talents Chris …go after using the ones that seem to bring you and others the most joy!
      Come on over sometime neighbor … I’ll be happy to share make a hot cup a joe with you! 🙂


  3. Michele Hildebrand says:

    Dear Betsy,
    As I sat this morning drinking my “cup of joe”, made by none other than, me, myself and I, many thoughts ran through my mind. As usual the nagging question lingered.. what have I accomplished in 51 years? Have I made a difference to anyone? Will I be forgiven? Can I forgive? Is love enough? I thought of you and your Mom! You guys were my first exposure to the Lord, to church, to the Bible! Your Mom gave me my first bible and taught me about the mustard seed! These are all things that I have never forgotten! I have thought of you often over the years! Most recently being, someone asked me to name one person that I thought would go to heaven, my answer was Betsy Duncan Stretar! Just like that, you popped into my mind! After reading your blog, I must say, your life sounds remarkable! You, have truly made a difference in this life!
    God Bess!


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