When Love Dies – But Hope Lives

This week heaven welcomed one of God’s best and most beautiful warriors!

This “love” child’s name is ‘Courteney’ (with two e’s) and she was indeed, so deeply loved.

Courteney’s life was rich and full primarily because of her two amazing parents who understood their calling to LOVE her well. And that they have done I can assure you – because of the love, grace, and hope found in Jesus Christ.

What a privilege it has been to be part of her story – and she ours!

Courteney’s circle of love was – and still is – very wide; consisting of family, friends, caretakers, doctors, nurses, disability communities, Disney employees, marathon runners, classmates, Capernaum (Young Life) kids and leaders, Joni and friends, and so many more! Only God truly knows the extent of the far-reaching impact Courteney’s life has had these past 21 years of her life.

Courteney, Kevin, Christine & Dan

On paper – Courteney was a medical mess.

Severely disabled (by earthy measures) in every way: non-verbal, fed intravenously, wheel-chair bound, medically fragile….every day full of challenges that would make most weary and overwhelmed in a matter of hours or even minutes.

But my friends, Christine and Dan parented Courteney with unwavering intentionality and joy – embraced their calling to ensure that Courteney’s life was active, fun, adventurous, and wonderful! And it was all of that and more!

In God’s eyes, and those who loved her, she was a holy and precious wonder!

Courteney was perfect and complete, lacking nothing! She had Jesus and Jesus had her! He was the essence of her existence and she came to know, from an early age, that she was created in God’s image, unique and perfect, just as she was, to glorify her Savior. And that she has done.

Courteney ran many races with her amazing dad, Dan (who, by the way – was very influential in getting Disney…yes DISNEY – to change their race rules! Read more here: https://www.cleveland19.com/story/36954992/seven-hills-dad-wins-contest-for-challenging-disney-and-winning/

I am blessed beyond words to be at Courteney’s side in her humble beginning of life and 21 years later, in her death.

Little did we know then of the far-reaching influence Courteney’s precious life would have in the days, months, and years that followed. But we knew this…

God is good and he is faithful to those who trust him.

Fragile & frail in the hands of a faithful God
“Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his godly ones” Ps. 116

How grateful I am to the Lord to have been invited in this heaven-breathed story that only God could write!

Courteney’s earthly race is now finished. And her race has been won! Praise be to God!

Death has been swallowed up in victory! And she is enjoying the presence and fullness of her Savior, Jesus Christ that carried her in life and in death.

Her legacy will live on throughout eternity!

For now and until the Lord us home, she will be sorely missed. (Read an older post here of mine, Christine, and Courteney’s story here)

We will see you again sweet girl; “But not yet. Not yet.”

“Earth has no sorrow that heaven can’t heal.” David Crowder

4 thoughts on “When Love Dies – But Hope Lives

  1. Ann Kijinski says:

    Beautiful, Betsy. Thank you for putting pen to paper and capsulizing Christine and Courteney’s journey, as well as Dan and Kevin. I am heart broken but I also know thatbwe are all working twoarda eternity. Our Lord called her home and this I know … she is dancing in Heaven and has a glorified body with no pain and pure joy. One day soon we will move beyond grief to joy. Until then, we trust and love.


  2. Debra Clayton says:

    Your tribute to Courtney and her family was absolutely beautifully expressed Betsy! What a blessing you have been in their lives for so many years… and they in yours!

    Keep writing…. Keep leaving your legacy for Christ and His gospel. It is the only thing worth investing in that will make a difference in peoples lives for all eternity Bets! Love you! Debby

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