The Disciple Within

I’ve been listening to Andy Stanley’s series on ‘Christian’ and want to just say, he has provided the big “C” (Church) with an excellent teaching of a word found only THREE times in the New Testament – and ironically NOT the word disciples/ followers of Jesus used to define themselves.

It was a word that outsiders used to described followers of Jesus (Also known as The Way).

Provacative question: “Are you a disciple of Jesus? Or a ‘Christian’?(which means so many things to so many different people).

I want to play a part in ‘rebranding’ the word Christian not only by my desire to love others more like Jesus…but also by challenging my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

So I thought it would be cool if true ‘Disciples’ of Jesus (aka “Follower/Apprentices”) throughout the world would rebrand themselves by joining me in starting a cyber revolution!

Heres the deal…
If you have a Facebook, Twitter, Linked in profile that uses the word ‘Christian’ to define yourself…

I want to challenge you…

if you are indeed a true disciple/follower of Jesus who is intentionally learning to love and live like Jesus…

to change your profile to say “disciple” or “follower” of Jesus instead of ‘Christian’.

But more importantly…let’s just learn to live/love more like Jesus.

To watch or listen to his series here’s the link: “Christian” vs Disciple

I’d love to know what YOU think, after you listen to the message!

Until next time,
May God find in us the heart of a disciple.

Have a great day fellow disciple!

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