Life-Transitions and All Things New

Incase you missed it…To Resist or Embrace…HOW are you navigating through times of transition?

Has your life-journey, like mine, been accentuated by a series of major life-transitions?

If so, how are you doing navigating your way through the ups and downs, the highs and lows, the ebbs and flows that go hand-in-hand with the winds of change?

With almost 34 years of marriage behind me, and more than a few career changes along the way,  this mom of eight (Grammie of nine), has certainly had her share of this thing called “transition!”

And I can tell you with all honesty that the physiological, emotional, and spiritual implications of various personal and professional changes that have transpired over the past several years and months, have at times, thrown me for a major ‘loop-di-loop’ both within and without!

Merriam-Webster defines transition this way:                             

1. a passage from one state, stage, subject, or place to another

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One thought on “Life-Transitions and All Things New

  1. Debra Clayton says:

    Loved reading your blog Bets!! You write so well! Call me when you get a chance for a nice long chat! Miss you! Debby Sent from my iPhone


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